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Protect food against mineral oil migration from recycled paperboard.

Confirming EVAL™ barrier performance against MOSH/MOAH

Tests performed by Food Safety Authority of the Canton of Zürich, the same entity that first identified the issue, determined that:

Thin multilayer plastic structures containing just a few microns of EVAL™ EVOH measured no MOSH/MOAH migration after 12 weeks at 60°C.

This corresponds to a period of 6.9 years at 25°C, or 10.7 years at 22°C.

The outstanding barrrier properties of EVAL™ allow optimisation of the packaging structure, reducing costs and the amount of necessary packaging, without compromising on the protective function.

MOSH/MOAH barrierAbove: example of a barrier liner structure using EVAL™ EVOH as MOSH/MOAH barrier.

EVAL™ barrier against organic compounds

The same tests concluded that EVAL™ is barrier against not only MOSH/MOAH, but against  any organic substance, including:

Test simulations showed that 5 µm of EVAL™ is enough to protect against the migration of these substances from primary or secondary packaging  for up to two years storage at room temperature.

MOSH/MOAH migration and packaging design

Our EVAL™ development team is able to provide our partners useful assistance with packaging design.  We can help determine whether individual packaging structures with EVAL™ are compliant with current government MOSH/MOAH recommendations and regulations.

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